Woman Held In Connection With Murder Of American Doctor In Belize

The investigation into the double murder of an American doctor and his local guide in Belize has resulted into the detainment of a woman who allegedly was close with the guide, according to a local new station in Belize.

The guide, Mario Graniel, had been hired to take Dr. Gary Swank fishing while the U.S. doctor was on vacation when they both were fatally shot. Swank was a victim of circumstance as Graniel “had a misunderstanding with one of the notorious gang figures in San Pedro,” Chester Williams, the commissioner of police in Belize, said earlier this week. Graniel’s home was shot at before the murders, too, Williams said.

The woman, whose identity the station did reveal, has not been charged. She has been cooperating with authorities and has not been named as a suspect.

Woman detained in guide, doctor’s fatal shooting in Belize

Via nypost.com