Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Injures Clavicle, Out Indefinitely

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill was injured against the Jaguars with a shoulder injury, the Kansas City Chiefs announced.

The injury was severe enough to require a trip to the local hospital, where he was treated by the trauma department. Hill suffered a sternal clavicular joint injury — where the collarbone comes into the sternum — and is being treated to reduce dislocation. The Chiefs are expected to announce a status update but “is expected to miss a few weeks” with the injury. However, he won’t need surgery.

Hill was injured on his second catch when he was tackled by Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Hill had two catches for 16 yards before leaving the field.

Kansas City defeated Jacksonville, 40-26, in its regular-season opener.

Tyreek Hill injury update: Chiefs reportedly considering options for receiver (shoulder)

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